Furthermore, years experience in the area of corporate, banking, finance, capital market, insurance, energy and mineral resources, provide our members of the firm with an in depth and comprehensive understanding of corporate legal matters. This allows us to provide first-rate services for companies seeking to outsource its legal requirements.

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Members of the firm are affiliates to several key professional organizations and also included in the short-listed lawyers with the following qualifications:

  • Registered Receivers and Administrators with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia;
  • Insurance lawyers experienced in every aspect of insurance technical-know-how, such as understanding, claims, reinsurance (treaty, facultative, retrocession), as well as interpretation of sophisticated policy coverage;
  • Capital market lawyers registered with Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK/Financial Service Authority) (formerly Bapepam/Capital Market Supervisory Board), therefore are licensed to practice and represent clients in capital market matters;
  • Energy lawyers well familiar with various type of oil exploration and production contracts, as well as oil industry related services contracts;
  • Registered bankruptcy lawyers licensed to practice in the Commercial Court;
  • Mineral recourses lawyers well familiar in handling various generations of hard mineral mining Contracts of Works as well as Coal Cooperation Contract.
  • Entertainment lawyer well familiar in managing all legal matters for musicians. This includes upstream contractual agreements, such as deal with the major label; deal with songwriter, license master record, as well as downstream contractual agreements, such as album CD distribution agreement and ring-back-tone distribution agreement.


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The firm’s litigation lawyers are well equipped and posses a wealth of experience in assisting and representing public & privately held commercial business, locally and internationally, state-owned enterprises, covering all facets of business disputes, civil & criminal cases, labor disputes, bankruptcy proceeding in the commercial court, as well as cases in the administrative and religious courts.

Our proven track records were direct results of our tactical, systematic and persistent approach to the problems, backed by in-depth research and our pool of resources to develop the most efficient strategy to solve our problems.

We are receptive to your issue and always discuss your options and help you weigh them, including alternative methods for resolution of disputes outside the courtroom, through negotiation, arbitration and mediation.